Mission: Using the Art OF FILMMAKING as a tool for HEALING 


Art could be used to change the mind set, to help a person find extraordinary solutions. Changing your inside will make change on the outside.

We are here to help people with disadvantage backgrounds heal. Whether you come from migrant or refugee background, facing homelessness, or experienced domestic violence - it can damage emotions and well-being for a long time.


One negative comment a person gets could be erased by many positive ones! Serious effort is required to restore the damaged emotions and feel better. We are here to help


Cinema of the Oppressed provides a safe space that can help people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, homeless people or those who have faced domestic violence, to learn the skill of film making and use them to create their own film that could be based on their real life story. 

WORKSHOP content:

Through our filmmaking workshops - we offer women who have been in disadvantaged situations, basic skills in 

  • script writing
  • photography
  • editing (final cut)
  • directing
  • production
  • film marketing (how to distribute films)

Participates will use these skills to create a biographical film.



Check out these articles on how art can be used for healing. 

1. Art is a language that gives voice to how we feel inside.

By Anna Reyner, MA


"How does art magically help us heal our pain and reconnect to each other? How does art help us to get in touch with our true selves, our authentic feelings - even the feelings we may hide from the world and from ourselves?

As we experience the world we face pains and disappointments. Especially if we come from a home with violence and abuse, painful feelings are often debilitating and devastating. Whether our traumas are mild or severe, we may try to “suppress” our hurts and fears so we can move on with our lives. In some cases we have become so successful at ignoring or stifling our feelings that we may have no idea how we actually feel. We have lost touch with our authentic self and may either be trying to feel nothing at all, or be living in a state of anxiety and confusion about our conflicting feelings. In other cases, we may actually be in touch with our feelings but not know how to articulate them or put them into words. Or we may even be afraid if we talk about them that we will become overwhelmed and feel vulnerable or unsafe.

Art is a safe way to express our feelings; it helps us express ourselves slowly and at our own pace. Art goes beyond words and tells our story for us. It helps us delve into our true selves and express our pains and heartaches that language does not have the ability or power to convey."

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"Some artists dealt with their own health challenges through art. The process of creating art, as well as the finished piece, helped make sense of their physical, mental or emotional needs. Healing is also possible for those who experience the art through observation and contemplation of the message. It shows us that we are not alone in our challenges."

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"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed." 

Stanley Kubrick


Why do we use film as a medium for expression and healing? The more important question is - What is Cinema For? 

Here's a great video which answers this question: 


Inspiration - AUGUSTO BOAL: theatre of the oppressed

The Idea of creating a biographical film to overcome anxiety and early depression, was inspired by Augusto Boal, who created Theatre of the oppressed.